Monday, September 11, 2017

Sunday Snapshots: Summer 2017

Taking Sunday pictures of the girls has become a favorite of mine, especially since my weekly photos of Lily wrapped up back in April. Some of my favorite pictures of the girls have come out of this little tradition. I definitely don't get it done every Sunday (because, y'all, let's face it- sometimes the girls are just not feeling it), but I try to as often as I can. Here are ones I (or Brad) captured this summer. Enjoy!

Technically, this was Memorial Day, not a Sunday.

Taken by Grandpa, who very much enjoys the Sunday shots, while we were in Europe. Thanks, Grandpa!

This one was just ill-fated. Bless it. But, it was their last time wearing white for the summer (because I actually follow that old-fashioned rule, for the most part, being the true Southerner that I am).

I was so fortunate to get a happy-looking shot for this one. In nursery that morning, Lily had tripped and hit her head HARD, resulting in a cut + GIGANTIC goose egg. She wasn't feeling her best. Thankfully, you can't really see the damage. Poor thing.

I'll keep taking pictures as I can and will hopefully be back with Sunday snapshots: Fall 2017 edition in a couple of months!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Around here lately: August 2017 edition

Lily, go see Mommy. Your face is a terrible mess!

Oh Lily, you look so pretty!
*raises voice an octave to pretend to be Lily* Thank you, Claire!

Erin kisses Claire's forehead.
You love your little girl, Mommy.

I like girls. And I like boys. But I don't like some boys' trucks. I like Poppy's big red truck, but some trucks are too giant for little girls.

Hears sirens.
There must be danger out there!

Shares her pink Pygmy Puff with Lily
Erin: That was so nice of you to share your Pygmy Puff with Lily. 
Claire: It was so nice of Bo to buy it for me. Maybe next time we go to Universal, Bo can buy Lily her very own purple Pygmy Puff!

New brown toys! = Brand new toys!

Why is Daddy gone to Boston? I wanted him to stay forever!

Referring to Tim and Azad napping on the couch.
When are the doctors going to wake up?

Erin: Claire, don't grow up.
Claire: I have to.
E: Why?
C: Because that's what God does to little children!

Here you go my friends!
*Dumps a bucket of sand at our feet*

Claire: Why is JoJo crying? In a Fancy Nancy story.
Erin: Hmm...because the sand castle fell down?
Claire: That sounds about right.

Erin: I don't chew my fingernails.
Claire: Neither me!

Look, I'm eating so goodly.

Oh no. Lily's crying and not having fun anymore.

I wish Gran and Grandpa could stay five one hundred days. And Uncle Tim. And Azad.

When friends leave, that is so sad.

But my hands are full. I have a balloon, my doctor tool, and a brush!

Referring to a nameless chive on Veggietales:
Hm. Let's call him Twinkle.

I want to be a firefighter. Can Daddy help me? I might need a little help fire-fightering.

Shaw-shedge = Sausage

I haven't seen my home in a very very long time. And I missed it!

Lily dumps out blocks, making a loud crashing noise.
Claire: I'm alright!

Claire: That's Kristoff and his donkey.
Erin: Reindeer.
Claire: Finn.
Erin: Sven.
Claire: Finn.
Erin: Sven.
Claire: S-Finn.

Anna (from Frozen) is one of my fravrite girls.

Lily walks away.
Come back, you!

I'm not going to be thirsty. I have some spit.

When we were waiting for Daddy, Lily and I prayed a game called Minion Noise. *wild jibberish*

The regly ones = The regular ones

Referring to a FaceTime call.
Claire: Can you pause it?
Erin: We can't. It's not a movie.
Claire: Please?
Erin: Are you saying you want us to stop talking until you get back?
Claire: Yes!

Bo is so nice. She gives us things like cats. (Bo = my sister, cats = stuffed cats)

Referring to Lily.
That baby...she's always silly and dramatic.

Erin: I'm going to miss you when you go to preschool.
Claire: You don't have to miss me...I'm not going to be very far.

I was just petting her. She's the cheeky one.

On your marks, get set, PARTY!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Topsail Island 2017

This was our third year in a row to vacation on Topsail Island with the Boswells. (PSA: apparently, the proper, North Carolinian pronunciation for "Topsail" is actually "top-sull.") It was even our third year at the same beach house. We're starting to feel very at home here, guys.

Because of her school schedule, Rachael couldn't join this year, but, surprisingly, Tim was able to! And, he brought a friend of his from medical school, so we still had a full house. Bill, Barbara, Tim, and Azad all trickled into Durham Friday night-Saturday morning of our vacation week and got on the road (along with Claire) after lunch on that Saturday to get checked into the house. Lily and I stayed in Durham, waiting on Brad to get back into town from Boston (yes, he has traveled ALL SUMMER) Sunday morning. After we picked him up bright and early at 8:00 am, we made our way to the beach and got there before lunch. (It may not be the Gulf, but, man, is it great being less than 3 hours from the beach!)

Playing with Uncle Tim!

I feel like Lily is listening for words of wisdom here.

Urology resident on the left, cardiothoracic resident on the right. Apparently, they work long, hard hours and need naps. Who knew? ;)

Our first two days were beautiful and sunny and appropriately beachy. Which was great! And then they were followed by two days of rain and gray. Bleh. Thankfully, against my usual inclination to take fewer games and toys, I'd given into impulse and packed a boatload of things. Strategy games for the grown-ups, toys/movies/games for the little girls, and a few puzzles. Not the same as romping on the sand and splashing in the ocean, but better than twiddling our thumbs, right?

Brad and I squeezed in a date night, thanks to babysitters who were willing to play endlessly with the children, so we headed to the Mexican restaurant that we've eaten at on our date nights for the previous two years. It's SO NICE not to have to schedule babysitters. Why did no one ever tell me how stressful the whole Babysitter Dilemma is? Oh my word. I was not prepared for the difficulties of Acquiring and Scheduling Babysitters.

We only ended up going out for dinner once (thanks to a fantastic kitchen + an incredible picnic table on the huge back porch) on one of the rainy days, but I snagged some good pictures while we waited on a table!

Here are a few shots of how big our picnic table on the porch was:

I would also like to point out that Azad let Lily do/have/eat/take anything and everything she wanted. Obviously, she loved him the most.

The table extends from here to that far back railing. It's huge.

And this is the view from the picnic table, so obviously, we ate outside as often as we could.

And here's Lily BOSSING a piece of corn-on-the-cob. She has two teeth, guys. Two. Both on the bottom.

And thankfully, we did get some really good beach time!

Tim and Azad made this massive sand castle for the girls to destroy. The girls LOVED it.

On our last night, we went to a local ice cream shop that we really like. Good ice cream + a giant screen onto which they project family-friendly movies! It's the cutest and oh-so-fun.

Trying to get a few pictures on our way to ice cream.

Lily (and Claire) among the lilies!

He ACTUALLY gave her whatever she wanted. She would point to ice cream, and he'd ask for a sample of whatever she pointed to.

And then he shared his ice cream with her.

Don't get used to it, Lily.

Thanks for the ice cream, Grandpa! Don't mind my post-sugar crazy eyes...

We returned to Durham on Saturday and went to church all together on Sunday, followed by brunch and trips to the airport.

Azad sat down...

...and Lily knows where to go to get all the things.

Sweet shots with Gran while waiting for our table.

The girls really love having an uncle. It's too bad he lives so far away...

Pre-naptime story.

We had a wonderful trip, rain and all. Thank you, Boswell family (and Azad) for such a fantastic time together! Until next time.