Monday, May 29, 2017

Mother's Day + Tennessee

We spent Mother's Day weekend in Tennessee this year. Incidentally, my birthday was only a few days before Mother's Day, so we had a little bit of birthday-ing along with Mother's Day-ing. My mom and dad had mailed my gift to the Boswells' house, so I had several gifts to open after a yummy birthday dinner and cake that Barbara had planned. It was so nice, and I felt quite celebrated.

We took the girls to visit with Brad's grandparents several times, which was nice. And to Claire's great enjoyment, we spent time down at the creek, in the garden, and on the tractors. Lily is starting to learn the fun to be had in Gran and Grandpa's backyard, and she, of course, found plenty of things to climb and conquer. You cannot leave her alone for a second, guys. Not a second.

Our first night there, Lily tried climbing on this table, and she fell off, smacking her head. The next morning, she got back up on the shelf, and we watched her reevaluate her movements, intentionally avoiding her mistakes of the night before. It was amazing to watch her course-correct and learn. 

Then she found the hearth and deemed it good for climbing.

Which was fine until she decided she wanted to climb the tv stand.

She also found the hearth tools. Danger, Lily, danger.

Tractor time!

Lily's first experience! She was a natural. Seriously, she grabbed the steering wheel like she was the boss lady.

Gran + Claire and Grandpa + Lily

Throwing sticks in the creek (a favorite past time).

Mother's Day 2017

I like their expressions here.

Mother's Day afternoon, Grandpa let Claire help him plant sunflowers in the garden! She was so excited. Brad got his childhood wagon (made by his Granddaddy!) out of the attic for Lily's Containment and Enjoyment.

They had such a blast!

Always needing to climb/stand/dominate.

Hard at work. She takes her jobs seriously.

She's just so cute in the wagon.

Sisters! And Addie.

Annnnnd...we can't leave something un-climbed. Bless it.

It was a good weekend of family time and lots of old-fashioned fun for the girls. Claire can't wait to return and check on "her" sunflowers. And make sure that the creek has plenty of sticks floating in it. Otherwise, ALL IS LOST!

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